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No major progress in Iran nuclear talks so far
by crescent-online.net

November, 2014
After three days of talks in Vienna, no significant progress seems to have been made between Islamic Iran and the P5+1 group of countries. As the deadline of November 24 approaches, all sides are making efforts but the major stumbling block is US refusal, under Zionist pressure, to lift the illegal sanctions it has imposed on Iran. Tehran wants them lifted immediately while the US wants gradual lifting.

Main Stories

Takfiris, Saudis and the struggle for the soul of Islam
by Zafar Bangash

November, 2014
Despite the hype about fighting them, the US and its allies have nurtured the takfiris for nearly a decade to be used for the broader plan to dominate the Middle East.


Malala and the inferiority complex syndrome
by Zafar Bangash

November, 2014
Malala Yusufzai’s Nobel Prize has got the westoxicated Pakistani elite into a tizzy. Suffering from acute inferiority complex, they find solace in acceptance by the west.


Iran’s nuclear talks with P5+1
by Zafar Bangash

November, 2014
Demands of the P5+1, led by the US of the Islamic Republic in the nuclear talks are so outlandish that they may derail the entire process.

News & Analysis

ISIS and dissent in the Peninsula
by Ayesha Alam

November, 2014
While financing and supporting the takfiri terrorists, the House of Saud has found there can also be blowback. Opposition to the rule of Al Saud is growing among all segments of society in the kingdom.

Special Reports

Zionists cast evil eye on al-Masjid al-Aqsa
by Yusuf Dhia Allah

November, 2014
While Rabbinical law prohibits Jews from trespassing on the sacred soil of al-Haram al-Sharif, the Zionist thugs are trampling on their own law to grab even the holy site.

Editor's Desk

Modi’s provocations in Kashmir, Siachen

November, 2014
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is living up to his reputation as a Hindu fascist. He has escalated conflict with Pakistan in Kashmir and Siachen. He is clearly itching for a war.

Letters To The Editor

Sick of the sick, old Aal Saud!

November, 2014
Originally from the Hijaz, writer Mohammed H Siddiq says he is sick and tired of the corruption, incompetence and gross mismanagement of the House of Saud.